Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Holidays

Spring holidays to remember this April:

  • Earth Day - April 22nd

  • Easter - April 24th

  • Administrative Professionals' Day - April 27th

Whether it's celebrating Earth Day the "Green" way, sending a care package to your college kid for Easter or thanking the administrative professionals who make your life easier, we have you covered at Baskets by Bonnie!

Make your friends "green" with envy.Better than you bag

April 22nd is the 41st Anniversary of Earth Day, which was started by US Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin in 1970 as a "Teach-In".

Earth Day is now celebrated by over 500 Million people around the world and is the largest non-religious holiday.

At Baskets by Bonnie, we practice being "green" here by recycling as much as possible. Many of the containers we use for our baskets serve more than one purpose.

Think your friends have a cool way to be "green"? Well, show them up and help the planet all at once. Help keep the landfills clear of plastic bags with our "My Reusable Bag Makes Me Better Than You" shopping tote.

Send the Easter Bunny to college!Easter Care Package

Will your son or daughter be home from college for this Easter on April 24th? If not, Baskets by Bonnie can help!

Get them jacked-up on sugar this Easter with the Easter College Package . It's a great gift for any college student! Packed with Easter snacks, Red Bull, Jones Soda candies and much more.


Celebrate Administrative Professionals' Day on April 27th with Baskets by Bonnie.

Started in 1952 by the IIAP as "Secretaries Week" (Day), this holiday that honors office workers was changed to "Administrative Professionals" in the year 2000 to keep up with the times.

The name of the holiday may have changed but the tradition of honoring your valued associate on this day with cards, gifts and perhaps a luncheon, is still very much in style.

Baskets by Bonnie has you covered with a wide variety of gift baskets that are sure to please, including the Cup of Attitude basket.