Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Broken Messages - Will Your Message Leave A Bad Taste?

Sometimes, without realizing it, a message can convey the wrong meaning.

One day I took a phone call from a woman who was ordering for her boss. She inquired if we could do a basket with the following:

Jumbo Toothbrush
Tube of Toothpaste
Breath mints
and assorted sweets

We have a pretty extensive inventory but did not have the first three items. I told the caller that while we don't stock those items, she was welcome to bring them in to be included. I was curious and asked her what was the significance of the breath-fresheners.

Apparently there was a disgruntled customer who kept complaining that a recent experience with their company, left a bad taste in her mouth. The caller's boss wanted to send the client a basket to take away the bad taste!

I asked the lady on the phone if she was sure this was what they wanted to send. What would she think if someone gave her a "gift" like this?
"Do you want to imply that your customer has Bad Breath??? "
We were able to refocus the message to a more proper peace offering and left out the "breath-fresheners". Had we carried out this order without questioning the intent, we most certainly would have been adding fuel to the fire instead of putting it out.

Some days at Baskets by Bonnie, we fight fires!


Mrs4444 said...

Good advice!! Sounds like you care about your customers :)

Mrs4444 said...

Just a suggestion; I think you should have a link to your business from this blog :) If you do, I didn't see it. Also, I don't think you had a link to your business blog on your Anthill post.

Baskets by Bonnie said...

Great suggestion. I just added a link to our website under the About Us description.

Had meant to do that! Thanks!