Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Cupful of Attitude

A fresh shipment of Ann Taintor Mugs arrived this week. Among them are my new favorite coffee mug and a fun mug & napkin combo to add to a Hostess Gift!

Some reason I love this mug. Perhaps because I am not a "Happy Camper"! I'm usually pretty chipper. Just not much of a camper. I'd rather be in a nice, clean, warm bed than to sleep outdoors in a tent.

I think I'll save this mug for my weekend morning lattes!

I had to pull a set of these napkins and a mug to include in a hostess gift to take to my sister for Thanksgiving. The perfect sentiment for a Holiday dinner where there are usually too many cooks in the kitchen!

Sticky Situation

I love this time of year. As we gear up for the "Holidays", there is a steady flow of products coming into our warehouse. Many of these items are new to Baskets by Bonnie and we have a lot of taste-testing going on.

I also love to take time to marvel at innovations in packaging.

When I saw this carton of gourmet Potato Chips that was in yesterday's shipment, I remarked that I had never seen a box with cutouts labeled "A Hand Hole". For some reason this had caught my eye. And made me chuckle at the attention to detail this manufacturer displayed.

Importance of Getting the Real Message

A short while later, I saw the opposite side of the cardboard box. The side where I could see the full message. A warning that was not partially obscured by a poorly placed sticker.

Ooops! NOT A HAND HOLE! Whole different message. While I was slightly troubled by my initial interpretation, I used this as a "teaching moment" to my staff.

Detail Orientation
This is why we need to pay attention to detail in ALL steps when processing orders. Every associate should be knowledgeable on procedures and policies so they understand how their function needs to be executed as part of a bigger picture. Cross-training staff members not only leads to higher job-satisfaction but creates a more productive and efficient team.

Fortunately none of our staff was injured. But if someone was, we are always prepared. We at Baskets by Bonnie take safety very seriously.

Just in case, we also have cute Bandages as well!