Thursday, July 15, 2010

Turning Cucumbers Into Peaches - The Power of Twitter

In his blog post today, "Social Media is not a Vocation", Chris Brogan makes the point that Social Media is "tools and a method", not a profession. Brogan also carefully shows in his book, Trust Agents, how when used the right way, Social Media, helps build a network of trust and influence.

Twitter, a type of Microblogging, is one of the instruments in the Social Media Toolbox that assists in forming relationships, 140 characters at a time.

Jumping In

On Twitter, it's not so much about what you say. It's more about how you respond. The trick is to find a "Tweet" or conversation and just jump in. You never know where it will lead. You can make a new friend, have some fun, learn something new, or as was the case yesterday, "Turn Cucumbers into Peaches".

It all started with a tweet that caught my eye:

July 13th @ 7:57 a.m.From @DraperyDiva : Peaches anyone?
The rest of the conversation:

@DraperyDiva - Yum! I'll trade you cucumbers & tomatoes (once they ripen)!

@basketsbybonnie You're on! They were really good last year. So many this year I'm afraid the branches are going to break!

@DraperyDiva We should form a #ProduceExchange for local gardeners. I have some cucumbers left and will have ripe tomatoes soon.

@basketsbybonnie Great idea! Not much time this year so peaches is about all I have ,especially if Alvin & friends have their say!

@DraperyDiva - This is Today's Harvest. Let the garden exchange begin! #GameOn

@basketsbybonnie Mmmm, I can taste the cuc salad now! :)
@basketsbybonnie is bringing me cucumbers from her garden! Yummo! I'm giving her "peach credits" for when they are ripe! Twitter rocks!
Turning cucumbers into peaches with @DraperyDiva. Now I am waiting for my credits to ripen! #PeachCredits

@basketsbybonnie The begs the telling of the "10 Uses for a Cucumber Joke" but I'm not even going to go there! Thanks Bonnie!

@basketsbybonnie Cucs are delicious! Thanks. Poor peach tree branches are almost bent to the ground from the weight! Ripen soon I hope!

Twitter Magic

As I wait for my "Peach Credits" to ripen, I am excited about what is possible with Twitter. Not only was I able to trade surplus produce for a desired commodity, I made a new friend.

That is the true power of Twitter!