Monday, December 13, 2010

Winter Wine

Put a Sparkle in Your Holiday

The weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years are prime time for entertaining friends, family, and business associates. For this time of year, a sparkling wine or unique Hors D'ouevre will add a special touch to your gala.
Below we have a few sparkling suggestions to spice up your gatherings.

Sparkling Wines Around the World

So often we ask for Champagne when we're simply looking for a wine with
bubbles. So, what is the difference between a Champagne and a Sparkling

Champagne must come from the region of Champagne in France. Champagne is
the area that developed the standards for producing the delicate bubbles that add
such fun and excitement to any event.

Then terroir of Champagne is different than any other wine growing region in the world. The soil is layered over thick deposits of chalk. This chalky soil translates onto the
palate as a bone-dry, mineral rich solid flavor.

While many wines that sparkle are produced around the world, only Champagne holds
all of the elements to produce such a dry, elegant and refreshing wine. A perennial
favorite is
Veuve Clicquot, because it is consistently sublime in the delivery of teeny
tiny bubbles. Vueve Cliquot also uses more Pinot Noir than most Champagne Houses, which helps create a bigger body and more of a structure than many wines from Champagne.

Also from France
Not All Sparkling Wines from France are Champagne. While they may look as prestigious, French sparkling wines offer a more moderate price-tag. One of our value French sparkling wines is the
Charles LaFitte Rose Prestige at a bargain price of around $14.99 (current State-Minimum pricing.)

Closer to Home
Throughout the world, many wine producers use the Method Champanoise, or Champagne Method, to produce a beautiful sparkling wine. While these wines don't possess the super dry, mineral palate of Champagne, they are still excellent wines.
One such wine is

Chandon is made in the Carneros region of California by the Champagne House
of Moet and Chandon. What you'll find in this wine is a much more forward fruit than is found in Champagne. The brightness of the fruit shines through in this wine, and creates
a palate that is pure California.

Sparkling Sweetness
Other sparkling wines to consider are Moscatos. Produced from the Moscato grape,
this grape has a tendency to retain its sweetness, and it is an excellent addition to the dessert table.
Opera Prima Moscato is a classic dessert wine at a bargain price of $6.99.*
*(current State Minimum pricing)

Let's Get The Party Started!

Caprese Bite

  • Place a cube of fresh mozzarella in the shell

  • Bake for 8 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Top with Robert Rothschild Farm Roasted Red Pepper & Onion Dip & Relish and minced basil.

Your guests will love it.

Check out the Robert Rothschild Farm website for more easy to prepare recipes.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November Newsletter

The Season Hath Begun
Start making your list,
And checking it twice.
Tis the season for baskets
Full of sugar and spice.

Three weeks til Thanksgiving
And then it will start
The time of giving
Gifts from the heart

A few ideas for the season
Are shown down below
Gourmet gifts that are pleasin'
Now you know where to go!

A Gift of Thanks
Perfect for a Host gift or as a gift of "Thanks"! This basket is filled with a nice assortment of treats and a bottle of Cranberry Wine.
Also included:
  • a 4.4 oz Box of Premium Assorted Chocolates
  • Tin of French Hard Candies
  • Oven-Baked Italian Toast
  • Ginger Lemon Creme Cookies
  • A box of Gourmet Sun-Dried Tomato Crackers
  • a block of Kosher Cheddar Cheese
  • Gourmet Mixed Nuts
  • Dried Cranberries
  • a bag of Caramel Puff popcorn
Giving Thanks for around $66

Let's Get The Party Started!
This extra-large coffee-colored Seagrass basket weighs in at 18 lbs and is filled with a large assortment of treats to feed a small army. There is something for everyone, so bring your appetite to this gathering!
For more details : click here

Go Big to the Party for $148.95

Sugar & Spice

It is said that variety is the spice of life.
The Sugar & Spice Snack Basket is sure to
add some spice and make someone's day!

Included in this delectable assortment of treats:
  • Anna's Ginger Thin Cookies
  • JM Caramel Corn
  • Krema Nut Co. Dried Fruit Mix
  • a bag of Bali's Best Green Tea Candies
  • A 4 pc. Box of Belgium Truffles
  • 2 pkts. of Cider House Spiced Cider
A sweet gift for only $23.95Sugar & Spice

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Line-Up

With a gust of wind, summer is over, and school is back in session. We're in the midst of football season, either spent by the TV or tailgating, and the Holiday Season will soon be upon us! Excitement is in the air at Baskets by Bonnie where great new products are streaming in. Whether helping you tackle your Fall entertaining needs or helping you to get a jump on your Holiday Gift List, Baskets by Bonnie has your back!
New to Our Fall Line-Up

We are dedicated to ensuring that we have the best quality of foods for your gift-giving needs. In addition to our expanding Gourmet Kosher line, we've added a handful of Certified Gluten-Free items that can be incorporated into any customized gift.

School is Now In Session

Send The Care Package to show you care
Care Package Feeling a bit guilty about enjoying the benefits of a smaller household now that college is in session? Need to make up for turning your child's room into your bonus room without their consent?

Or perhaps you are actually starting to miss them.

Provide energy and endurance with a Care Package of treats that will help get your scholar through their most challenging school days. It's a great way to show your love and support.

Buckeye Bucket

This bright red tin is the perfect gift for your favorite Buckeye Fan. The Buckeye Bucket is the Scarlet & Gray way to send any message in style. With a combination of snacks, chocolates, pretzels, popcorn, and much more, this gift is the perfect plan for any type of fan!

Go Bucks, Not $ - Great Wine Deals

Barefoot Pinot Grigio
On Promo for $6.99 (Front Line $7.99)
with 10% Case Discount for Pick-Up Only
As leaves begin to fall, we look for any excuse to fire up the grill a few more times before the bitter winds drive us indoors again. When gathering together with friends from around the block or heading to the nearest tailgate party, we like to have something delicious to offer without breaking the bank.
Barefoot Pinot Grigio is a light, yet flavor-packed, wine that comes to us from the sun-drenched vineyards in California. Like sunshine in a glass, this wine will delight your friends and neighbors, and have them asking for more!

Gato Negro Shiraz
On Promo for $4.99 (Front Line $6.99)
with 10% Case Discount for Pick-Up Only
Who says tailgates are just for beer? We certainly don't! This Shiraz is tasty, balanced and ready to take on all foods you can throw its way. With notes of cinnamon and dark fruits, this wine will wow everyone from the wine novice to the wine enthusiast.

*Baskets by Bonnie Wine Policy: prices do not include tax;
we sell at state minimum; sales and shipping are subject to Ohio wine laws.


Gifts Expressed is a new website, subsidiary of Baskets by Bonnie, created for people seeking quick, professional services without any unnecessary discussion. Order baskets at any time, and be assured that we will get it done promptly. We have a diverse selection of baskets in order to send your gift, and your message, via the express lane!

Thanks for allowing Baskets by Bonnie and Gifts Expressed to be part of your winning season. Stay tuned for our next episode devoted to the holiday season.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

An Ounce of Prevention

There's an old saying:
"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" - Ben Franklin.

When a basket is to be hand-delivered, we request the recipient's daytime phone number. To insure proper delivery, we like to arrange for a convenient delivery time as well as confirming the delivery address.

Occasionally we will have a customer that will question this procedure and ask why we can't "just leave it with a neighbor" or "at the door" if no one is at home.

The answer is simple. We will do this if the sender is willing to accept all liability for lost, stolen or damaged gifts. i.e. " We will get paid no matter what the outcome". Fortunately when put that way, most clients will let us call ahead.

Do You Know Where Your Kids Are?

Recently we received an order where a mother ordered a birthday gift for her daughter. Knowing that this was time sensitive, we left a message the night before and followed up in the morning to arrange for a delivery. Luckily we reached the Birthday Girl just as she was getting ready to go out the door for work.

Turns out the information we were given was five years old!

Had we not insisted on sticking to our delivery protocol of reaching the recipient before sending a local hand-delivered gift, the outcome would have been disastrous .

Fortunately we were spared the "pound of cure"!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Into the Express Lane!

At Baskets by Bonnie, we make customer service our golden rule. We strive to get to know the customer, and customize any basket to send according to the message. We work hard to take the time to make each gift perfect and sincere. Though in times of a fast-paced world, we want to offer another solution for the customer on-the-go...

Gifts Expressed is a division of Baskets by Bonnie, LLC that specializes in quick customer service with no conversation necessary.

Gifts in the Fast Lane

Gifts Expressed was created for people seeking quick, professional services without any unnecessary discussion. Including such categories as Baby, Bath, Gourmet, Ohio, Wine and Themed Baskets (such as Indoor Gardener),we can have a diverse selection in order to send your message, and your gift, via the express lane!

At Gifts Expressed, we treat all of our clients in a prompt, perky and professional manner, and when making any potential substitutions or minor variations, we want each individual to have complete confidence that their order will deliver the expected message, and for payment conveniences, we have the ability to securely accept credit card information.

Next time you need to order a gift on the fly, give our sister site a try!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Turning Cucumbers Into Peaches - The Power of Twitter

In his blog post today, "Social Media is not a Vocation", Chris Brogan makes the point that Social Media is "tools and a method", not a profession. Brogan also carefully shows in his book, Trust Agents, how when used the right way, Social Media, helps build a network of trust and influence.

Twitter, a type of Microblogging, is one of the instruments in the Social Media Toolbox that assists in forming relationships, 140 characters at a time.

Jumping In

On Twitter, it's not so much about what you say. It's more about how you respond. The trick is to find a "Tweet" or conversation and just jump in. You never know where it will lead. You can make a new friend, have some fun, learn something new, or as was the case yesterday, "Turn Cucumbers into Peaches".

It all started with a tweet that caught my eye:

July 13th @ 7:57 a.m.From @DraperyDiva : Peaches anyone?
The rest of the conversation:

@DraperyDiva - Yum! I'll trade you cucumbers & tomatoes (once they ripen)!

@basketsbybonnie You're on! They were really good last year. So many this year I'm afraid the branches are going to break!

@DraperyDiva We should form a #ProduceExchange for local gardeners. I have some cucumbers left and will have ripe tomatoes soon.

@basketsbybonnie Great idea! Not much time this year so peaches is about all I have ,especially if Alvin & friends have their say!

@DraperyDiva - This is Today's Harvest. Let the garden exchange begin! #GameOn

@basketsbybonnie Mmmm, I can taste the cuc salad now! :)
@basketsbybonnie is bringing me cucumbers from her garden! Yummo! I'm giving her "peach credits" for when they are ripe! Twitter rocks!
Turning cucumbers into peaches with @DraperyDiva. Now I am waiting for my credits to ripen! #PeachCredits

@basketsbybonnie The begs the telling of the "10 Uses for a Cucumber Joke" but I'm not even going to go there! Thanks Bonnie!

@basketsbybonnie Cucs are delicious! Thanks. Poor peach tree branches are almost bent to the ground from the weight! Ripen soon I hope!

Twitter Magic

As I wait for my "Peach Credits" to ripen, I am excited about what is possible with Twitter. Not only was I able to trade surplus produce for a desired commodity, I made a new friend.

That is the true power of Twitter!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fuel for the Engine!

A glowing review is the force that keeps the people building the business, and helps us help you. Great feedback is pure gold! We jump for joy receiving feedback with comments like "The basket was PERFECT!" or "EXCELLENT JOB!" It's a real motivator to know we're doing a good job, and when one good review comes right after another, we put the gears into overdrive.

Kickin' it into OVERDRIVE!

Just last week, these two precious pieces of feedback came within 5 minutes of each other.

"Thanks Bonnie.....The basket was PERFECT! She loved it. One of the other girls in the office saw the wine and said "OH MY GOSH, I love Moscato" Katie is very excited. You did an EXCELLENT JOB!

Thank you again.

And shortly after...

"Hi Bonnie, I heard the basket was beautiful! Thank you so much for putting it together so quickly, I really appreciate it. I will hold onto your contact information and look forward to working with you again.

Thank you again,

It's been an exhilarating week, and we're finally coming off our high. We're ready for a refuel!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Small Business: Saving the job at a time.

There's a growing trend to support small business. Consumers are finding it much more fulfilling to shop at a local Mom & Pop's store rather than a "Big-Box" retailer. People nowadays are looking for appreciation as well as service. They enjoy feeling welcomed and comfortable in an environment that satisfies their need. Sometimes, a listening ear and a caring embrace is worth more than that extra little "Rollback."

The Importance of Feedback

It's a real motivator to know we're doing a good job, and it fuels the fire to put the gears into overdrive. Positive reinforcement is a fantastic way to show your gratitude! Whereas Feedback fuels the customer service engine, telling others drives the economic engine. Word-of-Mouth promotion is critical to the success of small business.

Magnet from Ann Taintor, Inc. 2x2 - $4.95

The more places your voice is heard, the greater the likelihood your favorite corner store will be there when you need them. Aside from telling your friends, another way to show your support is by sharing your experience on Google Places, Yelp, Twitter, and many others by writing a review. You have the power to save the review at a time!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Father's Day Is On Its Way!

Father's Day is approaching, and fast! On Sunday, June 20th, let this Father's Day be a way to have a heart-to-heart with dad. At Baskets By Bonnie, we want to help you send dad the message that sums up a year's worth of hard work. Is he a "Number one dad", or maybe he's the coolest dad in the world? Treat dad to some sweet-tooth goodies, a bottle of wine, or even some hand-picked items that are fit for a king!

Dad's are one of a kind. And let's face it! Being a father can be hard work! So, make him feel extra special by putting that little bit of extra into your gift this year. Besides, dad has taken that little extra step for you! You have the ability to choose from a wide variety of items where the basket can be completely customized by your own hand-picked items. Just give us a call, and tell us what you want and how much you want to spend. Dad has a basket personalized just for him!

Helping you make Dad a happy camper!

Not quite what you want? Visit our brother site!
Oh Boy! Toy Company

Oh Brother!

When dad's retro ties and power tools don't cut it anymore, show him how you really feel with a gift just for him. At our brother company, Oh Boy! Toy, we have a wide variety of gifts just for dad. So, if you just want a hand-picked gift to add to his sparkling personality, the choices are endless! As a bonus, we offer special gift packaging and a tailored card for each gift purchase.

Don't forget about Dad! Give him something to really make this Father's Day a special day!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Make Every Day Earth Day!

Today is the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day which was started by US Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin in 1970 as a "Teach-In".

Earth Day is now celebrated by over 500 Million people around the world and is the largest non-religious holiday.

Going Green for The Kitchen

In celebration of Spring and upcoming holidays of Earth Day in April and Mother's Day in May, we have created this gift perfect for the container or indoor gardener.

This mini canvas tote comes complete with 5 garden tools and a spray bottle perfect for taking care of house plants or container gardens. We've also added 3 packets of popular herb seeds, some canvas work gloves and a cookbook on Herbs & Spices.

At $34 you can send a "green gift" without shelling out a lot of "green"!

Spring Salad

This is my favorite time of year to "Go Green"..... make that "Grow Green"!

Last month I planted lettuce and I am already feasting on Spring salads with garden fresh onions, chives, perennial favorites that come back each year!

I have also started tomato, squash, green pepper and cucumber plants indoors and can't wait until May 15th, when it's safe to put them into the ground.

Garden Tip: If you re-seed your lettuce patch every 2-3 weeks you will have a continual crop until the peak of summer heat and had your fill of salads for a bit.

Towards the end of summer, replant your greens for some lovely fall salads with tomatoes, peppers and other late summer veggies you decide to raise!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Administrative Professionals - Power of Committment

From The Dictionary of Corporate Bullshit:

administrative assistant " ...3. employees who are highly valued for their attention to detail, in part because their boss claims to be focusing on the big picture and doesn't "do details," but in fact can't balance his own check-book and would be rendered helpless if he had to do his administrative assistant's job; ...."

Administrative Professionals Week is celebrated this year on April 18 - 24, with Administrative Professionals Day falling on Wednesday, April 21. Started in 1952 by the IAAP as "Secretaries Week" (Day), this holiday that honors office workers was changed to "Administrative Professionals" in the year 2000 to keep up with the times.

The name of the holiday may have changed but the tradition of honoring your valued associate on this day with cards, gifts and perhaps a luncheon, is still very much in style. Baskets by Bonnie has you covered with a wide variety of gift baskets that are sure to please.

Thankfully, the staff at Baskets by Bonnie loves to "do details" and we are just a phone call (or click of the mouse) away!

The Office Survival Kit is just one of many gift options available for your valued Administrative Professional.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Going Green

Waste not, want not.
Not only sage advice for tough economic times but also a great way that we can help the environment.

There are many items in our business that can be reused by artists or in the classrooms. We save rolls from paper and cellophane, ribbon scraps, plastic tubs, slightly damaged merchandise that is not saleable and other discards that might still have some use.

We "donate" them to a local organization, the Waste Not Center. Not only are we helping our local art community but we are saving landfills (and $$$) by reducing our trash.

We also have some new fun bags that make being environmentally-conscious fun!

Great for Groceries or Gifts

Coming soon.... we have several new must-have reusable bags that are great for packaging gifts or to use when shopping. Help save the trees AND promote less waste in landfills. My favorite is pictured above.

Also on the way are:

"she had made yet another wise shopping decision"

"WOW! I get to give birth AND change diapers"

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Technical Difficulties

We are experiencing some technical difficulties with our web host at Something to do with our current web host changing DNS servers and taking time to migrate.

We hope to get this fixed soon and can still be reached by phone (614) 501-4438 and email

Thanks for your patience!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Seeing Red

On Sunday, February 14th, the color of the day is Red. The color red is not only symbolic of Love but for other emotions such as Anger and Embarrassment. This much hyped, commercialized and angst-filled holiday is apt to invoke a wide range of feelings.

When it comes to matters of the heart, Baskets by Bonnie has you covered with a nice variety of gift suggestions.

The New Relationship: One of my favorite commercials, is the Target commercial of a young couple on a dinner date. The boyfriend hands a wrapped gift to his girlfriend and anxiously watches for her reaction. She looks a bit put-off by the showy necklace that was in the box. To explain her apparent dismay she exclaims,
"...... It's just that I didn't know we were there yet!"

While his reply of " ...Actually it wasn't really that much." was humorous in the ad, in real life he most likely would have been mortified.

In this case, perhaps dinner would have been enough of a gift or at the very least, the presentation could have been done in private after dinner. I also can't help but think that the girl could have been prepared with a small token gift of her own.

A great solution is to keep a "gift drawer" (or closet) with some emergency presents on hand such as a wrapped bottle of wine, some chocolates or other items that " aren't that much ".

She then could have changed her response to. " I have your gift at home."
(and hope that he doesn't misconstrue the message into thinking he's gonna get "lucky"!)

The Seasoned Couple: For the relationship that has weathered it's share of Valentine's Days, it's time to change things up a bit. Perhaps send an unexpected gift to work and make your Valentine the center of attention!

We have some great ideas on our website or would be happy to customize a basket for you!

The Dead Relationship:
Sometimes a relationship can not be saved. Holidays seem to be ripe for break-ups. If you have a friend who is unlucky in love and needs some cheering up this Valentines Day, we have the perfect pick-me-up. The Breakup Box!

No matter what land-mines await you this coming Valentine's Day, rest assured that Baskets by Bonnie has you covered!