Thursday, April 22, 2010

Make Every Day Earth Day!

Today is the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day which was started by US Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin in 1970 as a "Teach-In".

Earth Day is now celebrated by over 500 Million people around the world and is the largest non-religious holiday.

Going Green for The Kitchen

In celebration of Spring and upcoming holidays of Earth Day in April and Mother's Day in May, we have created this gift perfect for the container or indoor gardener.

This mini canvas tote comes complete with 5 garden tools and a spray bottle perfect for taking care of house plants or container gardens. We've also added 3 packets of popular herb seeds, some canvas work gloves and a cookbook on Herbs & Spices.

At $34 you can send a "green gift" without shelling out a lot of "green"!

Spring Salad

This is my favorite time of year to "Go Green"..... make that "Grow Green"!

Last month I planted lettuce and I am already feasting on Spring salads with garden fresh onions, chives, perennial favorites that come back each year!

I have also started tomato, squash, green pepper and cucumber plants indoors and can't wait until May 15th, when it's safe to put them into the ground.

Garden Tip: If you re-seed your lettuce patch every 2-3 weeks you will have a continual crop until the peak of summer heat and had your fill of salads for a bit.

Towards the end of summer, replant your greens for some lovely fall salads with tomatoes, peppers and other late summer veggies you decide to raise!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Administrative Professionals - Power of Committment

From The Dictionary of Corporate Bullshit:

administrative assistant " ...3. employees who are highly valued for their attention to detail, in part because their boss claims to be focusing on the big picture and doesn't "do details," but in fact can't balance his own check-book and would be rendered helpless if he had to do his administrative assistant's job; ...."

Administrative Professionals Week is celebrated this year on April 18 - 24, with Administrative Professionals Day falling on Wednesday, April 21. Started in 1952 by the IAAP as "Secretaries Week" (Day), this holiday that honors office workers was changed to "Administrative Professionals" in the year 2000 to keep up with the times.

The name of the holiday may have changed but the tradition of honoring your valued associate on this day with cards, gifts and perhaps a luncheon, is still very much in style. Baskets by Bonnie has you covered with a wide variety of gift baskets that are sure to please.

Thankfully, the staff at Baskets by Bonnie loves to "do details" and we are just a phone call (or click of the mouse) away!

The Office Survival Kit is just one of many gift options available for your valued Administrative Professional.