Friday, September 28, 2018

4th Quarter Gifting

As the leaves are changing colors and the weather starts getting colder, it's time to begin thinking about your end of the year gift-giving. We've noticed a recent trend that some of our clients are getting an earlier start on the season by sending baskets for the Thanksgiving holiday. Why not get a leg up on the competition and kick things off in October?

Get Ready for the Big Game

Here in Ohio, we bleed Scarlet & Gray, and chances are your customer does too! If so, score some big points by sending a Buckeye-themed basket before the next big game. The Buckeye Bucket (pictured above) is one of our best-selling options. However, we are able to customize it to better suit your needs.

A Spooky Good Idea!

Here's a great trick: treat your customers with a scary good basket filled with Halloween favorites. The Monster Bash-ket (pictured above) is perfect for a larger group, with something for everyone. We also have a fun-sized option, the Trick or Treat Tin (pictured below), which is perfect for an individual or smaller group.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Baby Birds Are Leaving The Nest

The dog days of summer are almost over and college students will soon be heading off to school. Whether they're headed to dorm-life or more independent living in apartments or houses, this time can be quite difficult. Ease the separation anxiety and dependence on home-cooked meals with a care package. We have several to choose from.


Cafeteria food on the meal plan can get a bit bland. Brighten their day and spark their palates with a variety of the most popular snacks, perfect for late night study sessions and on-the-go eating. No kitchen required. 

For the co-ed that's a bit "Extra", the Helping Hand is a humorous way to send your love. Save the day while making your child the center of attention with this quirky assortment of college necessities that are perfect for any emergency situation.

Just add water!

First Apartment

This miniature replica of a real shopping cart will hit home the message that it's time to make your own food and do your own shopping. This super cute cart is filled with an easy-to-cook full course meal along with a magnetic notepad for list-making and reusable canvas shopping tote with an ironic message that any millennial will appreciate.

The listed above baskets are some of our favorite student care packages. Each gift is made to order and we are able to customize upon request.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Summer Gifting on the Go

Happy Hour Gift Bag
Happy Hour Gift Bag for the Party Girl
Summer has only just begun and the party circuit is heating up in full swing.  Don't go empty-handed to the festivities! Make a good impression and earn a top spot on the "A-list" party invites with a clever, one-of-a-kind gift for the host. All it takes a little bit of extra-effort or perhaps some help from us.

It's in the Bag

Don't underestimate the power of a simple gift bag. It is fast and easy to put together if you have access to the right items and follow a simple checklist:

  • Theme or message you want to convey, perhaps tie into the party theme
  • Personal style or interests of the recipient
  •  Budget that is appropriate for the occasion

Wine Lover's Gift Bag
Wine-themed gift bag for the Oenophile

DIY or Let us help

If you are creatively inclined, you can make your own. However, if you are time or idea-challenged, Baskets by Bonnie can save the day.

For your convenience we added an option where you can purchase the gift bag ( or box if size or number of items is over-capacity ) and select gift items individually. We also can assist by phone or email.feel free to call us at (614) 501-4438 or email us at

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Cube Life

In an effort to maximize efficiency of  resources, the use of office cubicles has become commonplace in large corporations. In his article, "Learn How to Cope with Life Inside a Small Cubicle," Michael Roberts talks about tools for surviving this semi-private office enclosure.

While his tips are helpful, we feel that one important element was missed, office knick-knacks!

Desktop toys and gadgets have been proven to spark creativity and alleviate stress. Help make your cubicle the one everyone wants to visit.  It may even help you get the inside track for that corner office. 

We have a variety of fun items such as "The Cubes - Joe & Friends" that can be purchased individually or added to a customized basket for a friend or co-worker. We also have a few pre-set arrangements, such as  "The Office Basket"and "The Office Jokester," that can be ordered on the fly.

Baskets by Bonnie puts the "Fun" into "Functional" to make the common workspace survivable.