Thursday, June 14, 2018

Cube Life

In an effort to maximize efficiency of  resources, the use of office cubicles has become commonplace in large corporations. In his article, "Learn How to Cope with Life Inside a Small Cubicle," Michael Roberts talks about tools for surviving this semi-private office enclosure.

While his tips are helpful, we feel that one important element was missed, office knick-knacks!

Desktop toys and gadgets have been proven to spark creativity and alleviate stress. Help make your cubicle the one everyone wants to visit.  It may even help you get the inside track for that corner office. 

We have a variety of fun items such as "The Cubes - Joe & Friends" that can be purchased individually or added to a customized basket for a friend or co-worker. We also have a few pre-set arrangements, such as  "The Office Basket"and "The Office Jokester," that can be ordered on the fly.

Baskets by Bonnie puts the "Fun" into "Functional" to make the common workspace survivable.

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