Monday, August 9, 2010

Into the Express Lane!

At Baskets by Bonnie, we make customer service our golden rule. We strive to get to know the customer, and customize any basket to send according to the message. We work hard to take the time to make each gift perfect and sincere. Though in times of a fast-paced world, we want to offer another solution for the customer on-the-go...

Gifts Expressed is a division of Baskets by Bonnie, LLC that specializes in quick customer service with no conversation necessary.

Gifts in the Fast Lane

Gifts Expressed was created for people seeking quick, professional services without any unnecessary discussion. Including such categories as Baby, Bath, Gourmet, Ohio, Wine and Themed Baskets (such as Indoor Gardener),we can have a diverse selection in order to send your message, and your gift, via the express lane!

At Gifts Expressed, we treat all of our clients in a prompt, perky and professional manner, and when making any potential substitutions or minor variations, we want each individual to have complete confidence that their order will deliver the expected message, and for payment conveniences, we have the ability to securely accept credit card information.

Next time you need to order a gift on the fly, give our sister site a try!