Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gifts in a Down Economy

To gift, or not to gift: that is the question.
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous economics,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles?

Magnet from Ann Taintor, Inc.
$4.95 ("2x2")

The "R" Word

Yesterday the nation was finally given the diagnosis of being in a recession. While it comes as no surprise to most of us, this is not the news we need to hear this time of year. It is possible to maintain the Holiday Spirit by shopping smarter. Show them Consumer Confidence!

We have some great gift ideas that won't break the bank.

Family Friendly Gifts
One way to stretch your holiday budget is to shift from individual to group gifts. Instead of buying each person in a family a gift, why not send a basket they can enjoy together?

One of our more popular family-style gifts is the Movie Time. where you can "Treat someone to an evening of fun and films with this popcorn bucket full of all the movie-watching essentials."

The version on our website includes a $15 Block Buster gift certificate. For a more personalized option, you can bring us a special movie, game or gift certificate that we can add to the basket in lieu of the gift card.

Gifts with Attitude - Sign of the Times

Another "R" word is "Restructuring" or (Workforce) "Reduction".

With the unemployment rate currently at 6.8% and climbing, we all most likely have a friend or co-worker that has recently been downsized.

Whether to soothe your survivor's guilt or comfort a friend, it is a nice idea to show you care. You never know when the tables will be turned and this person will be in a position to help you!

A new trend in gifting is in "Job-Loss Condolence" baskets. While the most popular requests are for either "Comfort Food" or "Pamper" baskets, we came up with a special humorous choice for an attitude boost, the Job Loss Survival Kit.

To gift, or not to gift: that is the question. Let Baskets by Bonnie provide the answer!