Thursday, June 24, 2010

Small Business: Saving the job at a time.

There's a growing trend to support small business. Consumers are finding it much more fulfilling to shop at a local Mom & Pop's store rather than a "Big-Box" retailer. People nowadays are looking for appreciation as well as service. They enjoy feeling welcomed and comfortable in an environment that satisfies their need. Sometimes, a listening ear and a caring embrace is worth more than that extra little "Rollback."

The Importance of Feedback

It's a real motivator to know we're doing a good job, and it fuels the fire to put the gears into overdrive. Positive reinforcement is a fantastic way to show your gratitude! Whereas Feedback fuels the customer service engine, telling others drives the economic engine. Word-of-Mouth promotion is critical to the success of small business.

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The more places your voice is heard, the greater the likelihood your favorite corner store will be there when you need them. Aside from telling your friends, another way to show your support is by sharing your experience on Google Places, Yelp, Twitter, and many others by writing a review. You have the power to save the review at a time!

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