Saturday, July 18, 2009

Be Careful What You Tweet For

Yesterday was a happy day at Baskets by Bonnie. A shipment of cookies and treats arrived with three new items for the staff to sample. Once again we sacrificed our diets to insure the products were up to our high standards. We were not disappointed. They were all yummy!

When I "Tweeted" the above TwitPic photo on Twitter, (try saying that 10x fast) Barb from Honey Grove Botanicals tweeted back:

@basketsbybonnie re: *swoon* Need a drool guard on my keyboard. Yah, probably my monitor too.@basketsbybonnie, anything new and interesting on your wine list? Need a tester. I have the glasses. Don't forget the cookies.

We couldn't resist indulging Barb and brought a variety of cookies for her to sample. We even brought her a pot of freshly-made coffee ( Coffee Masters Caramel Creme) instead of wine due to potential liability issues. ( drinking alcoholic beverages while working with hot wax at her shop would probably not be approved by OSHA)

After much deliberation, a winner was chosen. Elsa's Story Raspberry Filled Strudel. They were our favorite, too. In addition to being irresistable, these cookies from Israel are also Kosher!

your favorite cookie?


Eva Gallant said...

I hate to admit it, but a homemde tollhouse cookie is my favorite, or if we're talking store-bought, I'm happy with Oreo double stuff!
Pretty sad.

Baskets by Bonnie said...

@ Eva: Nothing beats home-made! I would have to say that hot fresh-baked Tollhouse cookies are among my all-time favorite cookies. mmmm. Might have to make some tonight!