Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Be Mine!

"Valentine's Day: the holiday that reminds you
that if you don't have a special someone,
you're alone."
from Lewis Black - The Huffington Post

Valentine's Day is one of those awkward gift-giving holidays. Choosing the right gift can make or break a relationship. On this February 14th, we can provide a gift for every stage of romance.

Choose from our website or we can CUSTOMIZE your gift to make it just right for your Valentine. Whether it's a new found love, a marriage proposal or a bitter breakup, Baskets by Bonnie can help you navigate this tricky terrain.
Be Mine...on Valentine's Day For relationships old and new...we have the perfect, sweet gift for you!

This Valentine's snack tin 
filled with sugary treats.
And a cute bean-filled animal
can not be beat.
Wrapped with love 
and a fuzzy-warm note, 
Tis a gift that will keep 
your relationship afloat.

Cute reuseable snack tin

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