Monday, August 3, 2009

Going Green in the Garden

One of my favorite Summer hobbies is gardening. As part of our ongoing product testing, we like to try out the seeds left over from our Spring Gardening Basket. (pictured above)

This year we grew lettuce, peas, basil and squash in our vegetable garden and Zinnias in our flower beds.

The book, "Slug Bread & Beheaded Thistles" by Ellen Sandbeck (which you can purchase at Baskets by Bonnie @ $10.95 plus tax) is a wonderful resource of non-toxic remedies for both garden pests and for housekeeping. I have found the book full of useful tips to help rid my plants of aphids, slugs and Japanese beetles without having to use harmful pesticides.

Not only are you being kind to our environment and creating a healthier garden, the bees will love you for it!


Karen said...

Hope it's not too cold for gardening! How did your vegetables come out? Sounds lovely! Us Londoner's need to fight just for a patch of grass!

Anonymous said...

Your garden sounds like a wonderful place to have a picnic. :) I know we personally regularly harvest items from our garden that we serve immediately in spontaneous picnic lunches that my children really enjoy - especially since they also helped plant the garden in the spring - harvesting is a sweet reward!

happy frog at g mail . com