Sunday, August 30, 2009

Portable Picnic Table Saves The Day!

One of the perks of being a "product tester" is getting to try out cool new items for our store. The portable picnic table has been a big hit this summer. It has gotten a real workout at the local pool and other summer events. This table with seating for four, when compact is not much bigger than a briefcase and weighs in at about 22 lbs. Because of its portability and in preparation for a spontaneous picnic, this gem of modern design can usually be found in my car.

This weekend, when visiting family, we found ourselves short on outdoor seating. Suddenly I remembered the table in my vehicle. When I volunteered to go fetch my table, I was met with amused smirks from skeptical family members. Those expressions were changed into slack-jawed gazes of amazement as I quickly assembled what was to become "The Children's Table"!

While I was happy to save the day and impress my in-laws with one of Baskets by Bonnie's finest in gadgetry, I am afraid there is a down-side....

I am now on the hook for a few of these as "family gifts" for the December gift exchanges. Luckily I get an employee discount. Better make sure we're stocked up!

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